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My Story

Richard has been in the healthcare industry for more than 15 years. He gained his first degree in Bachelor of Science as a Biomedical Scientist in the Philippines back in 2004.


While in there, he worked both in the laboratories and as a product manager for one of the biggest international providers of in vitro diagnostic equipment. Several years later, he migrated to Alberta Canada with his family. He then started training as a pedorthist after completing and receiving his Pedorthist certification from American Board for Certifications in Atlanta, Georgia and Pedorthic Footcare Association in Canada. He has now been in practice for over 4 yrs.  He is the  founder and owner of R3 Orthotics located in Calgary Alberta, Canada. 


His mission is to help people improve the quality of life by providing his expertise in the field of Pedorthics at the highest possible standards. 


We are here to help. Let's connect.

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